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Monday, October 9, 2017

How to solve "Move`% s` out of conditional. " error.

[SOLVED] How to deal with "Move `% s` out of conditional." error from Rubocop.


Move `% s` out of the conditional.

where %s is a Method 

As the method call pointed out at %s is redundant, Rubocop throws this as error. The method that is common under both condition should be moved outside the Conditions as it would be executed in either of case.
@bad Code
if condition

@good Code
if condition

Monday, March 20, 2017

Difference between Enterprise Wipe Device, Wipe and Enterprise Reset in Airwatch MDM application

Let's clear our doubt about differences between Enterprise Wipe, Device Wipe and Enterprise Reset

Enterprise Wipe An enterprise wipe unenrolls the device from MDM and strips it of all enterprise content, including email accounts, VPN settings, Wi-Fi profiles, secure content, and enterprise applications. Device does not reboot after Enterprise Wipe.

In short, An Enterprise Wipe will unenroll and remove all managed enterprise resources from the selected device, including applications and profiles.

Enterprise Reset enables you to reset a device similar to an enterprise wipe, but with one important difference. Profiles and files/actions set to persist on a device are not removed and automatically reinstall on a device following the first reboot after an enterprise reset. Its available only on Zebra and Moto devices

In short,
Enterprise reset will factory reset your device but will persist the MDM enrollment.

Device Wipe 

A Device Wipe reboots the device and removes all data (
 includes all personal user information ), email, profiles and MDM capabilities and the phone returns to a factory default state. Its same as that of doing a Factory Reset to your phone from Settings > Personal > Factory Reset

Saturday, December 31, 2016

What are the Best ways to make money (Contd.)

Make money by joining LEAPFORCE

Leapforce is a company which provides you an opportunity to work from Home. Yes, you heard it right, you can work from home and earn money. Its an US Based company which provides is to help Search Engines like Google. Your job will be to work as "Personalized Search Engine Evaluator'
There is no joining amount you need to pay to work with leapforce.
But remember Leapforce is independent company which has its own rules and regulations which you need to adhered to.  Leapforce takes contracts from Search engine companies like Bing, google, yahoo and help them to evaluate there search algorithm and inturn help the search engine user with a proper search result match. The search algorithm itself are powerful enough but to judge the actual result what algo returns can be more optimized when a real person evaluates the query.
So, you will be given tasks and instructions on how to perform the task and you need to analyze , research the results provided by a search engine for a particular query.
Queries can be for from Maps, Location, one line questions or misspelled questions which user usually asks.

Skills Required:  People with analytical thinking and good websearch abilities.
You must be having knowledge of Google's product like Google+, Youtube, Google play.

To get hired as Leapforce agent, you need to fill up a form and upload your resume, Then you need to pass some qualification exam to be able to get shortlist for a task or assignment.
If you fail the exam, you still get the second chance to clear it.
Leapforce pays for per hour work and it varies. Its around 13$/hour for US citizens and others can get 7$.hour and payments are done via cheques .

Website: www.leapforceathome.com

Tuesday, December 20, 2016

What are the Best ways to make money (Contd.)

2. Join the Survey websites or Survey Panels

What are Survey Panels??? Survey panels are market research companies which aims for collecting huge samples from different users and they use it themselves or give it to the product development companies. The whole idea it to get what a consumer or common man thinks.
Survey websites are the one where we need to register ourselves and answer to the questions honestly which are being asked in a Survey. These questions can be from any topic e.g do you drink, from which websites you buy groceries or do online shopping.  The length of surveys can be from 5min to 30 mins. The more time consuming the survey will be the more it will pay you. Each survey has a set of points attached to it, once the survey is complete you earn those points. On reaching a stipulated point level , you are entitled to redeem those points.  The points can be redeemed to receive actual money, cash vouchers, gift cards, mobile recharges, food coupons etc.
Thus you can earn 5$ to 10$ per month easily or may be more from just taking surveys and it totally depends on how many surveys you complete.

Skills Required: Able to provide honest answers to the asked question

List of Survey Panel Websites 
Join Opinionbureau

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