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Monday, October 9, 2017

How to solve "Move`% s` out of conditional. " error.

[SOLVED] How to deal with "Move `% s` out of conditional." error from Rubocop.


Move `% s` out of the conditional.

where %s is a Method 

As the method call pointed out at %s is redundant, Rubocop throws this as error. The method that is common under both condition should be moved outside the Conditions as it would be executed in either of case.
@bad Code
if condition

@good Code
if condition

Monday, March 20, 2017

Difference between Enterprise Wipe Device, Wipe and Enterprise Reset in Airwatch MDM application

Let's clear our doubt about differences between Enterprise Wipe, Device Wipe and Enterprise Reset

Enterprise Wipe An enterprise wipe unenrolls the device from MDM and strips it of all enterprise content, including email accounts, VPN settings, Wi-Fi profiles, secure content, and enterprise applications. Device does not reboot after Enterprise Wipe.

In short, An Enterprise Wipe will unenroll and remove all managed enterprise resources from the selected device, including applications and profiles.

Enterprise Reset enables you to reset a device similar to an enterprise wipe, but with one important difference. Profiles and files/actions set to persist on a device are not removed and automatically reinstall on a device following the first reboot after an enterprise reset. Its available only on Zebra and Moto devices

In short,
Enterprise reset will factory reset your device but will persist the MDM enrollment.

Device Wipe 

A Device Wipe reboots the device and removes all data (
 includes all personal user information ), email, profiles and MDM capabilities and the phone returns to a factory default state. Its same as that of doing a Factory Reset to your phone from Settings > Personal > Factory Reset

Sunday, November 13, 2016

How To Recover Deleted Facebook Photos, Video , Messages and other stuffs

Recover Deleted Facebook messages Photos
Lets assume you have Uploaded a nice Photo to yours over Facebook and then Deleted the copy of it from your computer. And after a while you deleted the same photo from Facebook as well and you dont have any copy of it. What would you do to get your photo back.
Here is the g33ktrick for you to Recover the Deleted Facebook Photos, Videos and other stuffs from your Facebook page.

The point here is, Facebook keeps all of your data in their archive which is downloadable.

You can Follow the steps and you can get back and have access to your deleted messages, Photos,Videos and all other data of your Facebook profile.

1. Login to your facebook account and Go to General Account Settings.
Here is the link: https://www.facebook.com/settings

2. You will see Download a Copy of your Facebook Data on this page.
Click on "Download a Copy" link

3. This will take you to the next page , here you can see "Download Archive" Button,.
Go ahead and Click on it to .

4. On the next screen you will be asked to confirm to Start the Archive of your facebook data as displayed in the screen shot here.
Click on "Start My Archive".

5. Next, you will be told that it will take some time to archive your data and the download link will be sent to your registered email ID .
Wait for Few Minutes and check your mail for facebook download link.

6.  Start downloading the file from the link. Once download is complete, Unzip it. Now you can access all your Photos, Videos. Messages, Friend list etc.
Please note that , the Files will the webpages in .html format. You can just double-click on the file to open and then can see the data on the browser of your choice. From there you just need to Right-click on Photo to save the image.

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